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  • Hi readers my name is Deva and I am a servant at the home of a Director in Marathi film industry. I have been working at the home of this director for past 8 years and today I shall narrate you all how I got to fuck an Indian actress. It is very usual that an actress came to meet this director every fortnight and he discussed new stories with them and some worked out and some didn’t. That was Saturday night and the director was supposed to come by 8pm and an Indian actress called Pooja came to his home at 7:45 pm and I opened the door and told her to wait for the director in the hall. It became 9 pm and the director did not come home yet. I gave a call to the director and told that this Indian actress had come to meet him. He told me to inform her that he is in the way from Pune and  on the highway and would reach in 2 hours.
  • My Director Bangs Indian Actress
  • I informed the same to this Indian actress and she was watching tv in the hall. At around 10pm I asked her if she would want to have dinner. This Indian actress said that she wouldn’t  mind a fruit juice. I went into the kitchen to make a fruit juice. I came back into the hall to ask how much sugar she wanted and saw her caressing her neck and shoulders and appeared as if she was tired. I felt bad that she was tired on one hand and on the other, found her seductive. I found her very very sexy and attractive. She had milky thighs and flawless skin and she wore high heels which were a big turn on for me.  As soon as I entered the hall, she kept her legs down on the floor and sat upright and when I asked about the sugar she said she wanted one spoon. Some weird thought stuck my mind and I went and brought a sleeping pills strip from the director’s room and mixed 3 tablets into the juice. I came to the hall and offered the juice to this Indian actress. She drank it full and thanked me for the juice. After around 30 minutes, I noticed her fall asleep as I have expected. I though that this is the chance and sat down on the floor acting as if I sat down to clean the juice which fell down and started cleaning the floor with a cloth. While cleaning, I bent down, and removed her high heels from her feet and started kissing her flawless feet. They were so sexy and hairless, she even managed to spray some perfume on her feet and that was turning me on more and more. I couldn’t resist and I suddenly started sucking her foot. I really relished the way I sucked the feet of this Indian actress.
  • Licking Sucking And Fucking
  • After sucking her foot for 5 minutes, I slowly started moving up and slowly started kissing her legs and moved up till her thighs and was licking her naked thighs. As I reached her thighs, I couldn’t go high up as she was wearing a skirt till her knees. It was a loose short skirt and I could almost see her black coloured panty. I switched off the lights and slowly pushed my palm up into her skirt and started massaging her thighs. They were so thick and full and soft and fleshy. I just loved the feel of her thighs. I started massaging them nice and sexily and rubbed my fingers all along her inner thighs. I slowly pushed my palm completely up and pushed my hand into her panties and I felt little hair on her pussy lips. I spread her thighs wide apart and slowly removed her panty and started smelling it. It was awesome and sexy. I never dreamt that I could smell the panty of an Indian actress. I loved what I was doing and started licking the white drops of her cum on her panty. After some nice licking of her panty, I hid my face in between her thighs  and started smelling her thighs and vagina. Her vagina was smelling so salty and sexy that I grew hard completely in no time. I could not resist anymore and pulled her down on to the floor and pulled her skirt up and started licking her vagina. Her pussy was so tasty and sweet and salty, and it drove me mad that I pushed my tongue into her pussy and started digging my tongue deep into her pussy. It was an awesome moment. This Indian actress was lying unconscious on the floor and I spread her legs wide apart and I was licking her pussy nicely. After licking it for some time, I moved down to her anus and started licking that hole in an awesome way. Her butt was so tight and I loved holding her ass cheeks and I poked my tongue into her tight little anus. After licking anus, I couldn’t resist any more and took off my trouser and removed my underwear and took out my black huge cock which fucked whores all the time. This time I got to fuck an Indian actress. I bent over her and removed her shirt and started sucking her breasts and at the same time pushed my cock into her sexy vagina and tore her hole apart. It was fucking tight and I started fucking the pussy of this Indian actress.
  • I fucked her so hard that each time I fucked her pussy, my balls her thumping against her ass. I took out my cock and pushed it this time into her ass hole and started fucking her anus. Ohh it was more tight and awesome. I fucked her anus for about 1 minutes and I suddenly started ejaculating inside her anus. It was so thick that it overflew on to her pussy and I smeared it with my palm on her pussy and anus and immediately made her wear all her inner wears and bra and made her sit on her chair. After 15 minutes, the director had come and woke this Indian actress. She got up and they discussed the story.

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July 8, 2017
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