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My first fuck in hotel
  • Hello friends, My name is Sonal and I am from Gujarat and I am here to share my first fucking story with all of you. This story is me and my boyfriend and our first fuck. I believe you will love my story. I am 24 years old and he is 30. She is very handsome and I am very beautiful and very pretty. We both were good looking couple.
  • Friends, my boyfriend name was Rajiv Patel and he belong to very rich family. We met on chat first and then after long chat and talks we became good friends, we were very frank and now be very close friend. We both used to talk for hours on phone and sometime we had night long talks.
  • As days were passing, we became closer friend and now we switched over to sex talks from casual talks. Whenever we talked about sex, I felt wet on my pussy and he also used to feel horny. We both were very hungry and thirsty. We know we were horny, nasty and excited but we didn’t know how we can have our first sex.  We wanted to have sex now at any cost and anyhow..
  • One day, we made a plan to go out of city and we left home early in morning and we booked a room in a good hotel. We went to other city to avoid the situation of meeting any friend, relative or any know person. This city was new to both of us and no one was recognized us there.
  • We went out only for food from room. Otherwise, most of time, we spent time in closed room only. We used to play with each other sex parts. He pressed my boobs and her cunt and I used to press my dick. We had not nude sex yet but we were playing from each other body from over the clothes.
  • Now, we wanted to cross our boundaries and I had given my hand inside her pant. He was wearing underwear. I did it aside and caught his dick in my hand and started pressing it. I was doing her masturbation and was pressing it really hard. Her dick felt warmness and softness of my hand and was erected instantly. It became tight in underwear and in was not able to handle it. He was also horny now and given his hand inside my panty. He did aside my panty and was rubbing my pussy. My pussy was really wet and I could feel that wetness. He was playing with my pussy now.
  • Now, I was not able to control myself and I had removed his pant and now he came only in his underwear. I pulled out his dick out and was playing with it. I was pressing her dick and was doing it masturbation. He was so horny by now and removed his underwear. His dick was really big. My mouth got juicy seeing his 7 inch big dick. I wanted to lick it and suck it now. I bent and made his dick straight and took in my mouth. I was sucking his dick like an ice cream.
  • I was enjoying sex and then I became so horny and then I had removed my all clothes and I was all nude in front of him. I was doing sexy and nude dance in front of him. He was seeing me and enjoyed for some time and then he stood and started dancing with me.
  • He was shaking her dick hard while dancing and I was shaking my boobs. We both were doing hot and sexy dancing and then we started touching each other and I took his dick in my hand and started pressing it and he was pressing my boobs too.
  • He was licking my cunt and was dancing. Then he had given her tongue inside my pussy and dancing really hot. We did this for hours. We were very tired now and then we slept in each other arms. He had given his dick inside my pussy and slept. We were so tired, when we slept, we didn’t known.
  • It was long night and slept till late. We had kept the note of “don’t disturb” outside the door and asked waiter to come only when we request. There was nobody to stop us making love. We started the sexy dance like last night but this time, we were dirtier. His dick was harder and my boobs were also shaking well and my tits were so hard. It was never been before like this. My pussy was wet and it was burning so hot… I was not able to handle it any more. I asked him to fuck me and he stroked his dick hard. We were fucking each other and were still dancing.
  • We were enjoying and he started pressing my boob’s ones again and stroking me hard. But I was really enjoying.  My cunt was fucked really well and it became read and I was not able to control my lust now. I started scratching her back and chest with my big nails and he was also enjoying this. We both were moaning in pleasure ahahah ahahha ahhah ahahah aahahahh ahahah ahahahh ahah oooooohhhhooo ooo ah ah hmmmmm. This sound was all over with TV music sound. As we stroking fast, our moaning sound also became loud.. it was so sexy now.
  • Then, he pushed me against a wall and started kissing my nipples and kept his dick on my pussy and was stroking hard. I was moaning and kissing his chest. He was so good in sex and I really counted how many times, I came. He was also about to come now.. and started starting pushing his dick fast. After 1 hour of fuck, he dropped his all cum inside my pussy… friends, his cum was so hot and I felt that it was burning my pussy from inside. We were tired now and again slept. He fucked me 6 times in 2 days and I was so happy. We came back home and he fucked me many times whenever we got chance.

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July 8, 2017
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