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Brother’s Friend Fucked Me – [Part 1]
  • Hey friends this is Sanam (name changed) from Ludhiana and this is story of my first sex by my brother’s friend. I am 19 years old and studying in third year B.Com. This incident happened last month only. Let me add this incident as it happened in my life and how that Indian dick crushed my pussy!
  • My brother is elder than me and he has so many friends. We live in a small government cottage with 2 rooms and a kitchen. My nani’s ghar is 20 kms from our place and my parents often go there as my nani is sick for so many years now. My brother has habit of getting his friends to home. Umesh was my brother’s close friend and soon we started liking each other. We also exchanged our numbers and he used to send me nice shayris and jokes. And once in a while he would send me double meaning jokes too. I was enjoying his company and watching love movies I wanted one lover just like Umesh. Umesh started visiting our house when my brother was not there. And on few lucky days he used to kiss me and fondle my tits while my mom dad were in other room.
  • That was Monday and my parents went to nani’s place as she was serious. My brother was in college and I was alone at home. I had some assignment to be finished so I did not go to college. Umesh sent me a text and I said him I am at home only. He replied me, are you alone?
  • I said yes and he said he is coming then!
  • I said him no so many times but he never replied. After 10 mins he was knocking the door. I opened the door and he hugged me in the door itself. I pulled him in and quickly closed the door. He started touching my boobs there only.
  • I tried to push him away saying, Umesh what are you doing yar?
  • Baby, I have got this chance after a long time. I am not going to leave you today!
  • Stop it Umesh, bhai will come anytime!
  • No he won’t come, don’t worry. He is busy pampering Pushpa and he will only come after 4pm.
  • So, Umesh knew everything before he came here. I thought it is not bad to enjoy some time with him. He kept on pressing my tits and asked me to remove t-shirt.
  • Remove your t-shirt baby please.
  • Are you mad Umesh, why you want my t-shirt to be removed?
  • Because I want to kiss you tits baby!
  • And he did it himself. Before I could resist my t-shirt was removed by him. He hugged me and I could feel this dick touching me. The feeling of big Indian dick can make you horny and same thing happened with me. His dick touched my pussy area and I could not resist myself. Umesh did not waste any time in removing my bra. I was feeling shy and I just hid my tits behind hands.
  • Don’t be shy baby, I am your boyfriend only.
  • And saying this he removed my hands from chest. He was having good look at my bare chest and tits about size of orange. He put his fingers on my nipples and squeezed it little. I moaned a little and he grabbed them both in his hands and started to fondle them. He was pressing them tight and I was moaning with pleasure.
  • His hands were now on my ear lobes, his small sensual touches were so erotic and hot. I was loosing control on myself. I was his slave and letting him do what he wanted from me. Umes now planted a small kiss on my ear lobe and I could feel the liquid drizzling from my pussy canal in drops. Umesh’s kiss on ear lobe was so arousing yaar!
  • His hands were around my waist now and he was pulling me towards him. And his hot lips came on my left boob now. What a feeling that was to have those hot lips on my nipples. I hugged him tight as it was moment of great excitement for me. I was moving my hands in his hairs now and his tongue was making circular action around my nipple. Frankly I can’t say how much pleasure that was having my boob sucked for the first time. Umesh pulled my right hand and he placed it on his hot Indian dick. Wow it was so hot and tight there. I had not anticipated the sex coming this way in my life. But he did well to arouse me well before introducing to his hard Indian dick.
  • I made a fist and that gave me dimension of that dick. It must have been around 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. Umesh kept on sucking my nipples one by one and I was applying pressure on his dick.
  • After sucking tits for 2 minutes more he took out his dick from his pant. Wow that black Indian dick was shining like anything.
  • Umesh looked at me and asked, have you ever seen a dick like this baby?
  • I said to him, I have seen a lot of them.
  • Umesh looked shocked so I added, in Indian porn movies duffer!
  • Umesh hugged me back and this time his lips came on my lips. We were doing a tight lip kiss and his hands were on my ass now. He was groping my ass and his fingers were wishing my asshole too. I was all aroused now and slave to him. Umesh was losing his breaths now and he asked me to show him my pussy.
  • Show me your cunt, darling!
  • Hey, don’t call my baby a cunt, you!
  • He he he, okay darling show me your mutra wisarjan’s place.
  • We both laughed and his hand was on my pussy.
  • Story continues in next part.

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July 8, 2017
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