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Bua banged by lawyer at office
  • Hello friend my name is Avinash Mohite and I am from Satara, Maharashtra. Friends I am a long time reader of sucksex dot com and I have enjoyed most of the stories here. And today I have sent my horny story of my bua and our lawyer Sharad. Before we go ahead let me tell you more about my sexy bua.
  • Her name is Purnima and her husband died 10 years back in a car accident. My papa has a big business and so he asked my bua to join buiness 8 years back so his mind will be occupied with work. Our family people asked bua to get married but she was not ready for that. I finished my graduation 3 years back and I also joined office. Our is big firm and we are exporting spices and handicraft items to UAE and Eurpoean countries. Bua works in accounts department where I joined too. At first I had great respect for my bua. She was workaholic and used to stay late in office and take extra responsibilities on her shoulders all the time. Papa always asked me to work like bua only.
  • It was March 2015, Bua was extra busy as she had to finish the financial year’s work. I also worked till 7pm that day. When I left the office our firm’s legal advisor Sharad was discussing things with bua. They were talking about some dispute and some claims money. I left office leaving them in the finance office. When I was halfway down; I realized that I had forgotten my mobile at office only. I thought let me ask bua to collect it. I rang her, but she did not reply at all. I rang 2-3 times but she did not reply. Then I called watchman to check if bua was in office or not. He checked and told me she is not there. With abusing myself I took U turn towards the office. Within 8-10 minutes I was in the office. When I reached there watchman was not there. He must have gone for bathroom or bidi.
  • I reached finance office and took my phone. I saw that bua’s purse was still there. She was still in the office. For a minute I had pity on her. And I though let’s give her hand so she can come home too. I thought she must be in the records room only. And I walked towards there. I saw a light on there. And as I neared the record room, I heard some noises coming from it.
  • “Aah, yours is so big Sharad. Come on let me take it now.” Bua’s voice was so clear. She was so confident that they were all alone in the office.
  • The next voice came from Sharad, “Oh my darling, it is all yours. But let me lick your cunt first.”
  • “You always keep me busy and I am always late for home.”
  • “Don’t worry your family members think you work and they admire you for it.”
  • “He he he.” Bua’s smile was like a bitter sting.
  • I placed my eyes on a glass bifurcation of the window and the porn drama inside the office aroused me as well. Both Sharad and Bua were fully nude and bua was sitting on the files table. Her legs were wide opened and Sharad was licking her cunt. Bua was enjoying it and she was pushing his head in her cunt. And while having this oral sex pleasure bua was talking dirty to his man.
  • Sharad licked bua’s lips and then he inserted his fingers in the cunt. Bua was so excited with this and she was moaning heavily. She was saying, “Aahhhhhh aahhhh come on Sharad, you are the man!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh uuiiiiiii oooooooooooooooooo aahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me like bithhhhhhhh….. bang me and punish me!!!!”
  • Sharad smiled and looked at bua and then he said, “Yes my cum slave, I am here to fuck like bitch only. Now suck my dick first.”
  • And he gave his big tool in bua’s mouth. Bua started to suck it like a desi pornstar and she took entire tool in her mouth in no time. She started to lick the balls and the cock area. Sharad was mad with this perfect blowjob and his moans and hisses were getting louder.
  • And bua was getting dirtier every minute and second. Now Sharad asked bua to stop, “Come on darling. Stop sucking it or it will start crying.”
  • “He he he, I love you Sharad.”
  • “I love you too darling, come on bend yourself now I will climb you from the back.”
  • Bua abide Sharad’s order and she made doggy position on the files table. Sharad spat on his dick and he shook it a little. I could see it was full 8 inches in height. And then I saw outside the file room. My watchman was standing few meters away from me. I stopped looking at this porn show and took watchman with me.
  • “Kab se chal raha hai ye sab.” (Since when this is going on?) I asked him.
  • “Sahab madam to daily naye naye bande ko is room me le ke jaati hai. Maine aap ke babu ji ko bataya to unhone kaha ki widhwa hai bechari jo karti hai kar lene do. Ab main ise kya kahu, Sali n shadi nahi ki aur randi bani baithi hai. Ghar ke nokaro se achha to ye yaha apni marwati hai wo sahi hai.” (Sir, madam daily brings new boys and men in this room. I had told your father about it and he told me she is a widow, let her do it. I don’t know what to tell her. She did not marry and has become a full slut now. At least this is better that she is not being banged by servants at home.)
  • I laughed to myself, I had great image of bua in my mind which was blown like a wind now. I again looked through that bifurcation and she was still having Sharad’s dick in her cunt and shaking her ass to enjoy it nicely! I left the area as it was enough for me to see it.

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July 8, 2017
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