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Fucked In Ladies Toilet
  • Hey friends, this is Raghav from Bangalore. I am basiclaly from Maharashtra but live in majestic now. This story is about me and my hot girlfriend Uma. Uma is a hot girl with nice boobs and sexy smile. Her boobs are main feature of her body, otherwise she is dark and all. Anyways even I am not Sallu aur Amir, so we are okay with the relationship. This hot girl is a typical Kannada girl who would do everything but sex..! Then why I called her as hot girl? Well incident was main reason which made me tell this. It was mid December last year and we both went to see a movie near station. Usually we go to multiplexes only, but that day it was single screen cinema. As the movie approcahed half I started to findle her boobs and pussy. At first she did not allow me touch too much, but this romantic movie must have had her pussy juices flowing.
  • Hot Girl Was Aroused Watching Hot Scenes
  • The Kannada movie was about a hot girl in village. This hot girl was lured by boys and there were a lot of romantic scenes in it. Now you must have figured out that the movie was chosen by me. I reached to her tits now and started to press them hard. She has nice big and spongy boobs which any one would be lured to findle with. I wanted them to be taken out and sucked, but she was not ready for it at all. Anyways, she did not let me advance that far as the theater was full. ( I don’t know why these people also come for movies which have worst reviews. If I was here to see movie, I must have left by now:). I whispered in Uma’s ears, “Hey I am too horny, can we have some sex….! Let us go to your room.”
  • Uma looked at me as if I asked for her both kidney. She whispered me back, “I have got guests in my room. Veena’s parents are there. Last thing they would like to see is I have a boyfriend. You can go to toilet and jerk off.” This hot girl shattered my dreams like the broken glass. And I took her advice and went towards the toilet. This is an old style theatre where ladies and gents toilets are close. And suddenly an idea struck my mind. How about having some sex in the toilet. I know only the ectreme hot girl would let you allow this. But there was no harm in asking. I went back to the seat and sat.
  • I whispered again, “Would you agree if I ask you to have sex in the ladies toilet.”
  • She looked like nuts again and this time she was speechless for few seconds. And she came out with a favorable answer in whisper, “Do you thinnk no body will see us there.?”
  • I replied, “No I don’t think so. I was there and no one is there even in 12 feet diamtere.”
  • Surprisingly she stood up. To be frank I never thought Uma is kind of hot girl who would go for this. I considered myself as really lucky when she stood up.
  • We Fucked In Toilet
  • And we were near the toilet now. I looked around and made sure no one was looking at us. Uma entered the ladies toilet and I stayed there for 1 min. I looked around again and quickly entered in. I had asked Uma to come out if there is any lady in there. So that I don’t end up showing myself in there with some other lady. Uma was already in one of the partitioned toilet and she had kept the door open. I joined her and she closed the door behind her. There was strong ammoniatic smell coming out of the toilet tub but we cared the least there. I sigend Uma to stand in front of the wall. She followed me and stood there. I reached to her pant button and undid it. I slowly rolled the pant down till her knees. And without wasting much time I slid her panty on one of the buttock. I had enough space to put my cock there. I just undid my zip and took out my cobra. I slowly put my cock near her pussy and this hot girl took it in her hand.
  • She guided the dick towards the hole and I did the rest. I put some spit on my dick and slowly gave a jerk. Uma moaned a little but she made sure the sound was not big enough to go out. My dick has penetrated the smooth muscular area of her nice vagina. Half the dick was in and I slowly gave one more jerk. This time my dick entered to the full length in her pussy and Uma moaned bit high. I put my fingers in her mouth so she could suck it. And my jersk started to come out one by one. Uma started to shake her ass slowly and I was also moving my hips. My dick started to travel in and out of that sticky pussy and Uma made sure I get the pleasure. She kept on shaking her ass and I kept on pumping her.
  • As I was too aroused the fuck fiesta was not meant to last long. I must have fucked her for 5 minutes and all my cum came out the on the dickhead. I quickly took out the dick and let the cum flow in the toilet. Uma quickly pulled her pant and she dressed herself by adjusting her panties. She came out and washed her hands. And she knocked on the door. I literally ran out of the toilet and went in the men’s toilet nearby. We did not enter the movie hall again. I had finished my real show with this hot girl….!

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July 8, 2017
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