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Gorgeous babe at my friend’s room
  • I was a student at a film institute where I was taking training for the acting and dancing. It was a six month’s program and from the day one I had get very close to all the people in that training session. I loved to meet the new people and I finally get very close to Sumit who was a decent man in that training and also used to stay very close to my location.
  • Soon we started moving in a single car of mine and that made us get closer. Now the scene was this much close that I started spending nights and morning at his flat as he used to live alone to practice in a silent environment. It was a silent place and I too get found of it. I wished to stay with him but he really did not allow me to do so as he wanted to live alone.
  • One night after dropping him I went to my home and it really looked very boring to me. I get ready to go to his room but I thought that I should take his permission for the same. I called him and he picked the phone and when I was to tell him that I want to come to his room to spend some hours then I listened a voice of a girl and I started asking me who else is there in the room.
  • He just told me that it is one of his friends then I realized that he is new to this place and since his starting I had known him very well as with whom he used to meet. He suddenly cut the phone and that made my mind to check who is there. I took my car and reached at his place. I rang the doorbell and he came in a towel and this really made me confident that there is a girl with whom he might have been bathing.
  • He started shouting at me but I was not listening to any of his word. I started looking for that girl in his room and then I found her in the bathroom where she was taking a naked bath with open doors. He was after me and trying to stop me before entering inside but I was at my best and I closed the door of the bathroom to have bath with that beautiful babe.
  • She was wet and her body was glowing well in that condition. I told her about myself and she said that she had just come from another country and she is an NRI. Our trainer had given the address of my friend to her to live for a few days. She also told me that she has heard a lot about me from that trainer and this friend of mine.
  • I was also naked and hugged her tight in that bathroom and finally she bends a little to allow me to fuck her and I did that and fucked her really hard. I spent the whole night with her in his room and he too enjoyed a bit.


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July 8, 2017
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