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Hairy Girl and My Prick -[Part 1]
  • It was my third year in the college and probably my last year in studies. After graduation I was all set to join my father’s textile business. I never wanted to do it, but who else would look after that big business if not me. Exams were nearing and with that one thing was growing. And that growing thing was the fear, fear of losing friends that we have made in these three years of college. Who knows who will be where. Some will might even fly abroad, so me and Raghu devised an idea of having a party for all the friends. We booked a hall in the hotel and arranged a lot of booze. As the saying goes Booze is free girls on to you, we asked all the friends to come with their boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy the party fully. My girlfriend Suhani was out of town so I went alone to the party. I never knew I will have this chance of fucking this hairy girl at the same hotel. This hairy girl was Sanjana, who was a second year girl. Hairy girl must be around 19, huge boobs and a perfect round ass. In the party the booze was attacked and everyone was drunk like hell.
  • Hairy girl slept in my arms only.
  • We had booked the hotel hall till early morning so there was full fun till late night. We dances and enjoyed drinking and playing so many games. At around 3 am I felt dizzy, may be I was too tired to dance anymore. I went behind a wooden table and slept there. That was the only safe place, if I had slept on any other place people would never allow me sleep, as I would be easy prey for me to harass. I thought of having a quick sleep of few minutes and get back to booze. But I was too tired that I slept in the noise as well. After some minutes I felt something crawling on my chest. I tried to throw the bug away, but that wasn’t a small bug. It was a monster bug, and touched like a human. I thought one of my mate came in to sleep there. I ignored it and kept the eyes closed. But it was fucking too soft to be my mate. I opened one of my eyes as if I was winking. FUCK ME, it was our hairy girl Sanjana who had slept with me. Her hands were on my chest and she smelled booze too. She was a hot chick by the way, and on a normal day you don’t get the chance to sleep with one like her. I was drunk but not un-conscious. And they say when you are drunk your libido is decreased, but may be I was the exception that day.
  • I was forced to touch her boobs
  • I felt from within that I should touch Sanjana’s boobs and try to fuck this hairy girl. My alcohol seemed to all evaporated and I was doing all the things in my knowledge, so no blaming alcohol. My hands started to crawl on her boobs. She was wearing a leather jacket with big buttons on them. I slipped the hand in with undoing two buttons. She shook a bit and put her hand on my hand. I really wanted to have sex with her at that place only. May be it was weird and unsafe to have the sex there. But in those circumstances that was the only place for the prick penetration. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She softly told me Hey, what are you doing? Someone will see us..! I said to her darling no one will come here, don’t you wanna give me one thing tonight so that you and me remember each other all our life. She smiled, I thought she was on booze and next to unconscious, but that was not the case. She was able to speak and listen properly. I unbuttoned the remaining buttons and took the jacket out. The music was still on, and I knew Raghu and his all friends must continue this till the dawn. I removed my t-shirt and my bare chest hairs attracted Sanjana as well. She started to feel the hairs in her hands and she also kissed on them. Then she turned her lips towards me, she smelled all boozy. But as minus minus is a plus, we locked our lips and both thought it’s my lips who smell the booze. My hands slipped in her pussy area. And you know I was calling her a hairy girl, see was not only hairy with her head hairs. This hairy girl has so much hair at this part of the body as well. She must have some 2 inches long hairs on her pussy. I made my way to pussy between the hairy parts and reached a juice liberating sexy and wet pussy.
  • Finger Fucked her nicely
  • My finger reached in the pussy of this hairy girl. Sanjana moaned and to keep her mum I started to smooch her again. My finger reached the inner part of the pussy. She could not bear the hand in her hairy pussy, she wanted to moan loudly. But my lips were denying her moans and hairy girl started to kiss me wildly. Her lips were so hot and my prick was on the highest level of excitement. The music in the background dropped to some extent and we were able to hear some guy’s drinking and making funny comments. Hairy girl kept on kissing me with the same intensity. I hugged her tightly this time and asked her to undress me…I was all set to go for a nice sex session with this hairy girl….!!!!

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July 8, 2017
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