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Lucknow’s GF Shakeela fucked on first date
  • I know shakeela from my teenage. She is a very cute girl who loves to go on dates. When I was in the first year of B.A, I dated her for the first time. It was the Ambedkar Park of Lucknow, the evening time, cold bridge, flowing over the park, making the environment cool and joyfull. She was wearing a mini skirt, of black colour and a small top which was unable to cover her big sized boobs. Now you know I was gazing at her thin belly which was 26 inches, in comparison to her 36 inches boobs in real. Her back was quite rounded and about 36 inches. All over she was apple of my eyes and I could not affoard to miss to fuck her any way.We got a safe and lonely place in a corner of the park, it was beneath a tree where some stones were kept in triangle shape to make the people standing there, invisible from all other sides. Ideally it was the place which had to be utilized properly for a hot fuck. I knew that shakeela was an easy going girl and she could go all the way with you on a first date.
  • We sat on the flat stone, it was a marble and quite chilled due to evening time, rather making our assses quite comfortable for us. She sat in my side, quite closely that my left portion and her right portion was touching each other. Now you know, it is a good thing to chat about romantic films, sing songs and all. We started and it was my turn of course to give her a mood to be comfortable to me. As I am a good singer also, I started singing romantic and emotional songs that worked very well. Now she was singing with me and I was touching big Indian boobs of Shakeela with my side arms. She was quite comfortable and I knew even that she liked it. This time, I touched her feet with my bare feet, she smiled, and doing the same for me. I knew that it was a green signal for going ahead. I determined to just do it, and fuck that dirty leg Shakeela on the very first date itself. I knew that if she does’nt get a hot fuck on the very first date, she would not be able to date me again.
  • Shakeela loved her naval sucked
  • Now I started touching her nude belly, especially her naval area, which was quite exciting for me. It was soft like a rose, hot like a boiling egg and damn erotic like a pussy. Her naval was quite deep and it felt like a pussy. I started fingering slowly slowly in her deep naval and it felt quite pleasurable for her. She put her legs apart, indicating me to touch in her thighs and get her panties off. I did the same, fingering in her pussy, I stared rubbing her ass with another hand. Shakeela supported me in touching her ass, that was quite big and busty. I got my hand inside her skirt, rubbing her backside and making it warm. Her bum was getting red and now I was kissing her  chicks. Her chicks are like apple. I chewed them and now she spread her legs apart for insertion. I pulled her legs apart again and got in between them. Pulled her panties to the knees and now started fingering her hairy pussy. Her pussy was getting wet now and it was making the hair greezy with her joy juice. It was time to give her a desi blowjob and now I started licking her clitoris that was making her crazy. Now She was ready to get my dick.
  • I Unzipped my pants and she pulled it out, it was allready semi hard and I love to get blojob from desi girsl in outdoors. She rubbed the cock head and started sucking it in great manner. She was performing a great oral job on the dick. Loving it much intenser, she got it qutie passionate to give me deep fellatio on the huge penis. It was now getting rock hard, and I was now ready to fuck her pussy now.  I put her legs on my shoulders, stretched them away, and now aimed my tool on her hole, she lifted her pussy towards my dick, straight away towards her hole. It got her way inside, and  I started rubbing her,boobs. While fondling them wildely I was giving the big strokes inside her hole. Shakeela was moaning and saying “Yeah fuck me yeah”, it was outside, open and natural fuck in the park, and this was quite encouraging me.  We started giving mutual jerks, fucking each other, giving deep and deep penetration, she delightfully got her pussy hole fucked with my massive dick. Now I aksed her to get in doggy position, she became in the same and now I came from backwards, slipped my dick inside her wet bum hole and then finally got it penetrated in the pussy.
  • She started giving a blow of back and forth motion with her bum, it was getting my dick nicely inside her pussy  hole, oh! Yeah, come on, fuck me hard and hard, get me your dick deeper and deeper baby! She was screaming with each shot and very soon I felt that she was cumming. A thick white and transperent joy juice was now pouring out of her pussy hole. I collected that and rubbed it on the  ass hole. My dick was still straight and hard, I thought that it was loving and cool to fuck her in the ass. I applied her greezy cum on the asshole and then pushed my cock inside. It slept over nicely inside, she groaned for a while and when I fucked all the length inside, she started giving jerks back and forth again, and rubbed her clitoris with one hand, balancing on her three legs. Very soon I spurted the load of cum inside her ass. Shakeela was now satisfied with that first date with me. You know, me and shakeela still are best friends and we have fucked in all the parks of Lucknow.

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July 8, 2017
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