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Night Shift Nurse
  • Hello friends this is Abhijit from Vashi, Mumbai. And this is a true incident which happed with me last year. This is when my wife was injured and admitted to hospital. I had called her mom who stays at Jodhpur and she said she will start tomorrow. I applied for three days leave at my software company job and stayed at the hospital round the clock. Naina (my wife) had injuries on thighs and she was having few sutures on belly as well. Naina was mostly sleeping due to the effect of sedatives and pain killers she was on. This was a private hospital and a nurse and compounder was there in night.
  • I was getting well with both of them as I used to bring fruits for them also. The name of the nurse was Aparna and compounder was Harish. Harish was off that night when this incident took place. Naina was sleeping and I thought of having few puffs of cigarette. I took cigarette and matchstick box and came out of the hospital. I had puffs and then went back in. Aparna was sitting on desk reading newspaper. She smiled at me and I asked about Harish. She said he is off tonight. And I thought of giving Aparna some company. I sat down there in front of her by pulling a chair. Soon e started to chat and I was looking at her. After talking for few minutes the talks went on personal life and she told me she was dejected by her husband. Her husband had affair with some young girl and he left her. By the way Aparna was not bad from any angle. She was having fair complexion with average looking figure with nice pair of tits.
  • I observe a lot of pain in her voice and her voice was with changed pitch now. To comfort her I put my hand on her shoulder and she put her hand over it. My god that was a strange feeling. She looked at me and I said her to take it easy. Before I could understand anything she stood up and hugged me. It was all of a sudden for me. Her pointed nipples were poking on my chest and her hands were around my waist.
  • What are you doing Aparna?
  • Nothing, I am just thanking you. No one spoke me with such love for so many months now.
  • I hugged her back and my hands were on her waist now. Her apron was mere a week clothing at that time as I was very much feeling her tits on my chest. My hormones started to flow and my dick started to erect now. And in reply to her tits poking my body was poking her with the erected dick. She felt it on her tummy area as she was short in length compared to me. My dick was hot and tight like anything now. For a moment I forgot about my wife sleeping in the room and sex was on my mind and body. Aparna now went on my dick with her hand and started to touch it with her soft palms. My pant was about to be torn with those sensual touches as my dick was craving to come out. She eased me by opening my zip. And before she could go ahead I said her, Aparna lets go to some vacate room, someone can see us here.
  • She held my cock and drew me to a room in the aisle next to my wife’s room only. That room was clean and vacate. Aparna now went on her knees and had my dick in her mouth. She started to give me perfect head job and her busty tits were bouncing as she moved he lips on my dick. I reached to her tits with some difficulty and started to press them. She was moaning while sucking the dick and I was pressing her tits nicely. She sucked and licked each and every part of my dick and then stood up. Without me saying anything to her; she herself opened her apron and later the Punjabi kameez wore in it. My god those tits were so huge in that black bra. She also unhooked her bra and her tits literally fell down as if they were hung tight by the bra only.
  • I took both her boobs in my hand and started to fondle them. I was making circles around her tits and she was moaning very heavily. My dick was pointed towards the sky which was now comforted by Aparna’s hand again. She was stroking it nicely. My lips were on her nipples now and she was moaning continuously. I kept on sucking her broad black nipples for a while. She was all aroused by now and wanted to be fucked badly.
  • I asked her to sleep in the bed and part her legs. She did the same and I pulled her salwar. She was hiding her pussy in a red panty. I slid it aside to see her cunt. Wow that was a hairy Indian pussy with brown lips. I inserted one finger in it and it felt really hot in there. Pussy hole was not so tight and not so loose. She moaned as my finger went in her hole. I took my finger out and Aparna licked it nicely. She now held my dick in one hand and guided it to cunt area. She wanted me to fuck with the panty on. I never did it like this before and thought of trying it out.
  • Aparna put the dick on her pussy on the precise point and I gave a jerk. My dick was half in and I could feel the same warmth around my dick now. She moaned and it gave me enough courage to give one more stroke for the all in. Aparna sighed a little when the dick touched the inner most part of her cunt, by the way I have full 7 and half inches long. She hugged me and I started to pump her hot pussy. She was giving me good support by pushing her ass towards me. Her pussy was very hot and with each jerk it was giving me more and more pleasure.
  • I fucked her for 10 minutes in that missionary position and then we positioned ourselves in doggy. And that was even more exciting than fucking her in missionary position. I was pushing her body by grabbing it her from her big buttocks. She was moaning and  helping me by pushing her body with my jerks. And I could not stand it anymore. My dick started to drizzle cum drops in her pussy. Aparna tightened her pussy to accumulate it all inside. I grabbed her tits and pressed them to give her some after-play. Another hand was on her ass and thighs rubbing them. Aparna moaned and she squirted on my dick only. She had a good orgasm with me and then we separated.
  • I went back to Naina’s room to check her. She was still sleeping so I went back to Aparna. Aparna and I had sex twice that night and from next day Harish came. Aparna and I could manage only once more when Harish was sleeping. Later that week only Naina got discharge from hospital. Aparna gave me her number to meet in future. But to be frank none of us tried to contact each other after that crazy week at the hospital…!

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July 8, 2017
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