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Sex with Unsatisfied neighbour aunty
  • Hello friends, I am sharing a new story to you. This story belongs to a simple aunty. She reside in our neighbour. Her husband works in a bank and she has 3 years old son. Aunty is a house wife and she is very sweet. She is very beautiful and pretty like a fairy. But, after having sex with her. I came to know that every Indian housewife loves to talk sexy with someone. She always want someone close to them. They want to share so many thing with them but they scare from society. Indian society have conservative mentality and they take female characterless who talk openly about sex.  Due to this fear, they never share their thoughts with anyone. They feel bad about this and get frustrated. There are males who had done bad with females that why they never trust any male easily. Friends, let me not bore you anymore and come to story now.
  • I know her very well and also do respect her. We met so many times either in parking lot or lift. She always smile and we used to say Hello to each other. She come to our flat very often. One day, she was in lift. Suddenly, electricity was off. She got scared and crying. I was standing in my balcony and suddenly heard some sound. I ran there and asked who were in. She replied back. I tried to call watchman for help. I was looking for some males for help. But alas, no was there that time. I had requested her not to cry. Lift was in between of two floor. She can’t jump from there. After hard efforts, I succeed to open lift door. She was not able to jump due to height. I offered her my shoulder. She put her feet on my shoulder and came down.
  • She was crying and ran to her flat. I also went behind her. She was really scared. She saw me and hugged me tight. She was crying loud. She said – i was really scared. I was lucky that you saw me and helped me. Otherwise, i don’t know, by when i had to stay there. I was not carrying my mobile. She was worry for her kid too. She was still in my arms. I could heard her fast running heartbeat. I was pressing her shoulder and trying her to give comfort. She realised something and then been separate. She asked to stay some more time. She requested me – please don’t go now. Please wait for time?
  • I had kept my hand on her shoulder. She got comfort in my warm hand and she hugged me tight again. She was kissing me. She kissed on my cheek, then she kissed me on my neck. She was kissing me madly. She kissed on my chest. She opened my shirt button and started playing with my chest hairs. She had removed my shirt and started licking my nipples. Now, it was really difficult to be in control. I was losing my control. I started kissing her now. I was supporting her now. I was kissing on her eyes, on her chest, on neck… She was feeling awesome and moaning aha ahah ahah ahah haha … please do it gentle… yes… haha ahah… you have sexy touch. You touch made me mad.. hah ahah ahah ahah. hahah…. I had removed her top. She was in white bra. I was starring her sexy big boobs. It was like as they are inviting me to make them naked. I kissed on her boobs from over her bra. She had opened her bra and i did horny sucking of her boobs.
  • Her boobs were so tight. Hmmm… no one could day that she was mother of one kid. I was sucking her boobs hard. I had removed her legging. Her panty was wet. I started licking her panty. She said – hmm.. what are you doing? Its dirty. I said – allow me what ever i am doing. You will enjoy. I made her sleep on bed and removed her panty. I touched my tongue on her pussy. She was shaking her ass. She was moaning in pleasure ahaha ahah ahah shshshshshhhh,,, Then i opened her pussy with my finger and was sucking her pussy. She had gone mad in few minutes and moaning ahaa ahah ahah h.. ummm… mmmm… what are you doing? You uncle never did this. This is really awesome..mmmm.. ummm… yes…. She had cum and i had licked her entire cum. She was relaxed and satisfied now. I had removed my all clothes and been naked. My dick was flying like monster. She was starring my dick and said – oh… Its too big. I will not able to take it. You uncle has very small… I can’t take only your half dick. I will be die if you will fuck me with your entire dick.
  • I said – don’t worry. I will put only half. Then, i had lip kiss and pressed her boobs. I was sucking her boobs now. She was horny again. She – fuck me now. You uncle will come soon. I want to be fucked now. I can’t wait anymore. Please fuck me. Then, i was licking her pussy again. I made her pussy wet and then set my dick on her pussy door. I had pushed slowly. Her was not much open. She was crying and saying – please pull it out. Please pull… I said – don’t worry. You will feel pain ones and then you will enjoy and i pushed hard again. This time my dick was all in. I was pressing my dick in and out. She was now ok and was enjoy with my dick. She was shaking her butts. She was scratching my hairs and was enjoying my kinky fucking. She was moaning in pleasure aha ahah ahah ahah yes hahaha ahah. ahahah…. She was saying – you fuck well. Ever you took training for good fucking.
  • She was saying fuck me fast.. fuck me wild… I fucked her almost 30 minutes and then she cummed. I had pulled my dick out and pressed my dick with hand. I had released my all cum on her pussy door. She moaned feeling my hot cum ahahha ahahahha… I came back and she went to bathroom. It happened almost 2 year before and it is still going on. I had her fucking machine…

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July 8, 2017
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